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Norwich and District Sunday Football League


The Norwich and District Sunday Football League is managed by a Committee who oversee all day-to-day functions of a football league. This includes registrations, fixtures, help and guidance, charges and fines and promotion of football in the area.

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Norwich and District Sunday Football League


Over 50 affiliated senior men clubs and teams from Dereham to Great Yarmouth, Cromer to Scole. Contact detail for each one along with pitch location, team colours and teams advertising for players. Use our club finder to find teams nearest to you.

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NDSL No meetings scheduled at the moment [Read More]

Where do we go from here?

Happy New Year everybody – yes, I can still say that as we are still in January - I checked. Once again we have been hit with another lockdown which we all definitely didn’t want, but it is something we ... [Read More]

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Open Forum

18 January, 19:30 - Open forum, via Teams, for clubs to join (secretaries, managers, whoever), to talk about any issues they may have. Forums will be once a month and completely optional to join. Always good to hear from clubs. Contact your clubs ... [Read More]

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Sunday morning football is here again

We have all been waiting for this Sunday to come around, since the announcement of the league start date and the constitution was agreed at our virtual SGM on the 1st September 2020; bet you guys can’t wait to ... [Read More]

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